The story of a Collabian.

As they say, “Success is a journey! Not a destination. If you can’t find happiness being in this journey, you ain’t gonna find it forever !!”.

Dad says, “work hard”! Mom says, “work smart”, But I could’t find any task that is so hard to work on or to act too smart to finish off while being in the corporate working-structure. People might find me dumb or crazy when I submit my resignations in a week and or in few months of turmoil. I had a reason to quit, a very strong one and a very general one, I can’t take this corporate crap any more! This single sentence runs across the minds of half of those who work in corporate firms, but I don’t know how many of them have taken the bet to quit their ‘9-hours shift’ job, to find a path to work hand in hand with their passion, to fulfil their dreams and to feed their souls. I am one among them!! Hey peeps say hello if you’ve had these sentences in your mind. Not to mention, I was scared as hell, not knowing what to do with my life if I lose this bout. But that single question, I asked to myself, “what would I do if this was my last day on earth?”. I was normal and cool and strategic to tackle these thoughts, head-on.

One destination in the city, that every one has in mind when thinking of a Start-up or entrepreneurship is Collab House. May be because of the healthy start-up community or it’s brand in the country as a hub for start-ups or because of Vineel himself, the Founder and CEO of Collab House. I am an unofficial Member of Collab House for a long time now, defifnitely due to the relationship that I share with Vineel while being part of Mozilla India Community. Forgot to mention, Vineel is the Community liaison of Mozilla India and also the head of Volunteer community of South Asia. His tremendous experience in Community building and Connecting global communities has enabled him to build a start-up for start-ups. Collab House, launched on 15 June-2014, as the name indicates, is a house where collaborations happen, methodological, ideological or entrepreneurial, it is a space for activity and where things keep rolling, may be for makers, hackers, starters, ideologists and more, It is a hub of activity.


Hence, I grabbed the opportunity of taking oath as the CM of Collab House. People here call me CM in-short, I am now, the Community Manager of Collab House, one among India’s leading makerspaces, first in Hyderabad to create ripple in maker culture of the city. Lot of expectations, innumerable ideas, and with amazing things running in mind, I’ve stepped in as the Employee Number ’01’ of Collab House on 2nd of December 2015. Since then it’s been a roller-coaster ride and I am loving it.

We plan events, we hack and make things, we host the tours/ visits to Collab House, we house discussions for in-house collaborations, we host meet-ups, we attend events outside the house, we document things, we take photographs, we handle our social media channels, we share news, we support initiatives, we connect communities, we mobilise ideas, we celebrate kitchen parties, we are exciters, we are starters, we are propellers and we are Collabians.

Working closely with a large number of Open communities like, Mozilla, Coder Dojo, TEDx Hyderabad, Startup Grind, Xprize Think tank, AISEC,, Startup Saturday and many other, I believe that I have to be able to multitask, and that means staying organized. Life is very fast-paced and there are a lot of things thrown at me at once — and I need to stay on top of it, every now and then. On any given day, I have to be a marketer, a PR person and then a communications guy who has to react to a story and at the end of the day I need to document all the happenings in order to share stories with our peers. “When you’re a community manager, you’re on 24/7,” said Adobe Community Manager Rachael King. “Good or bad, something huge can happen at any time, so you have to deal with it.”  At times, I  would be the first person to enter the house and last one to leave after locking our place, the time is well spent everyday with all that passion, enthusiasm and energetic people around. Surrounded with positive vibes everyday, Collab House has never turned me tired of working and nor it has drained out my energy. Amidst of these spikes of failures and successes I find myself happy and prospering., While in a start-up you’ve got to bring things to place when they fall apart and run in to the wild to create a trail for the team that you are leading.

Collab House as a whole is an immense brand because of our audience, and we, Collabians strive hard to keep up the activity and keep our audience engaged through enormous offerings.

When some one asks how did you get started, I would say proudly, with chest swollen, “My journey started at Collab House, as a Collabian!!!”


A short video on peoples’ words about Collab House.



2 thoughts on “The story of a Collabian.

  1. bhanu91

    Awesome piece, when words were floating into my eyes; in my mind I was getting images of those days which went collaboratingly with everyone!!!

    Nice one CM, proud to be a CollabiaN!!!!

  2. Rana Sujith

    Awesome Harsha Vardhan…Very Much Interesting…Keep Contributing…Hope Much Exploration takes place in your life with Collab House…All the Best for ur Future Endeavours…

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